Saturday, October 14, 2017

New in my closet: Michael Kors Large Savannah Satchel

Hi babes! I have great news for y'all. Have you heard the App for Shopbop? You recieve a 15 % off full price items on first Shopbop mobile app purchase - using code: ''APP15'' and continues through end of the year! Don't forget the download it - more details Here.

And as y'all know that october is one of my fav. month (well i'm an autumn child), i love the earthly tones & colors. I believe the energy they create once you wear them & since we are in a wonderfull season, i've purchased a latte colored Michael Kors Large Savannah Satchel >> Here is the link
And at the moment it's on sale 30 % off! Don't miss the opportunity.

Enjoy, xx 

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