Sunday, December 14, 2014

Love will tear us apart

Hi folks! One thing i hate about about winter is that it's really hard to catch the sunlight & get's darker very quick - well, besides the cold! But i have always liked the nature more at winter. It's more mystical & real - like people. I've never been the 'sunshine Barbie' type of gal, i prefer the opposite, w/o faking anything, i've always been realistic & original. 
There are lot's of people around us that are faking everything - as if they are in an act - just to show off, just to create a fake illusion of themselves.. But actually they are too insecure & afraid so they put on their masks and continue the act.. 
If you were one of them, really - how far would u go? 
I really don't know what to write here, so i want to start a conversation, a brainstorming on thoughts.. So, do not hesitate to comment below. What do u want me to write about next?



Dress: Here / Belt: Here
Bag: Givenchy Medium Antigona via
Sunnies: Prada via
Jacket: H&M
Watch: Daniel Wellington Here
Booties: Similar Here


  1. So fab and stylish! Amazing look!

  2. Harikasın canım:)Yine farklı,yine çok guzel ❤️

  3. I am sooooo loving this outfit !! Gorgeous !!

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  4. love the inner~

  5. Great outfit...loving that skirt!

  6. great look!