Friday, June 15, 2012


Hey dolls! :)
Today i'll be doing my 2'nd interview with beautifull, stylish & intelligent fashionista Fabrizia Spinelli.
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Here is our little interview with Fashionista Fabrizia Spinelli :)

JF: Hello, can you describe yourself a little?
FS: Hi everyone! I am Fabrizia & i am 25 years old; blogging from Naples, Italy. I live here with my husband Luca since 1 and a half year. Before, i used to live with my parents in Rome; a city that i still love & i'll carry forever in my heart.

JF: What is your life goal?
FS: Be always free to choose,to do what i like & to be near to people that i love.

JF: You are a columnist in a national newspaper 'Il Roma', what do you write about mostly?
FS: My column has the same name as my blog 'Cosa Mi Metto???'; that means 'What should i wear?' in English & is about fashion advice & new trends.

JF: You have a space on national radio & radio Kiss Kiss. Do you talk about fashion or general things?
FS: I always talk about fashion, talk & discuss about the topic of the day; chosen by the speaker of the program called: 'Kiss Kiss Bang Bang'.

JF: Who is your style icon?
FS: I dont have a definite style icon; i get inspired from almost everything thats around me: models, actresses, tv shows, movies, fashion campaignes, books, girls next door.

JF: Who is the person you admire?
FS: I admire every person who has the courage & strenght to follow their dreams.

JF: Can you describe your style in 3 words?
FS: Elegant, simple, harmonious.

JF: High heels or flats?
FS: High heels; cant resist them! :)

JF: Your favourite brands?
FS: Bebe & Zara

JF: Who are your favourite designers?
FS: I have a crush on Karl Lagerfeld & Chanel; but who doesnt? :)
JF: What accessory you like most?
FS: I cant leave home without one of my bags of course & i love wearing sunglasses.

JF: How often do you go shopping?
FS: Not so often as i wish!

JF: Your top 3 designer bags.
FS: Hermes, Chanel, Alexander McQueen

JF: Do you have a favourite piece of clothing that you wear all the time? What is it? 
FS: Actually no, i dont have. My favourite pieces at my wardrobe always changes. But my heart belongs to my very first Chanel & an amazing pair of  Le Silla pumps.

JF: Loubotin or Blahnik?
FS: No doubt, Louboutin!

JF: This seasons must have?
FS: Fluo accessories, peplum dresses & floral pants.
JF: What did you buy lately?
FS: A high waisted long skirt; in a bright fuchsia color w/ an amazing lateral big slit. Simply wonderfull!
JF: What is your signature perfume?
FS: I dont have a signature perfume; it depends to my mood.

JF: Marilyn Monroe or Audrey Hepburn?
FS: It's a hard choice; but i'll say Audrey Hepburn!

JF: Last of all, do you want to say anything to J'adore Fashion fans?
FS: I hope you'll like my interview & i wish you'll start visiting my blog and share your opinions about what you'll see; because i really love reading comments & opinions of fashionistas from all over the world! I wish you all the best!
Thanks alot Fabrizia! :)


  1. I love this girl!!!! Her style is amazing!!!!
    And I love to see the pictures here in my handmade white earrings!
    Thank you dear Fabrizia!)

  2. I love her style!! She's amazing =)